Long Time, No Post

Hey Guys, so, long time, no post, and I am so so so sorry that I have left you for so long, it was no intentional, but then again that makes it worse. I have a good excuse, for the fact that I have gone quite of track recently, but now I think I am just digging myself a deeper hole, as the saying goes, so I will stop making excuses for myself, for there is no real excuse for why anyone would leave their readers for such a long amount of time. I am getting in the writing zone, and seeing as you all are quite a quiet audience usually, I know I can make this long, the kind of post you read on the way to work on a Monday morning, something to wake you up and smile, for isn’t that why I write? Isn’t that why anyone would write, to stimulate emotions or thoughts in a reader? Anyway, getting off track here, but lets get onto the main subject, of which there is none, seeing as, despite all of the great ideas I had planned for you for this post, I can still not think of one that sounds like its coming from me, so today I am going to write as if I am myself, because I don’t need to be a professional psychologist to know that I am myself, as much as I sometimes forget that I can be myself, writing for you, here on this blog, I am always myself, and I think the reason I hadn’t posted in a long time, is because I was so focused on pleasing the whole world with my words, and I forgot the important thing is to make myself happy, and then the people who actually do read what I write, because there is a reason people read what they read, because they like it. So I am being myself now, I’m back to being myself, which also means, I’m back to writing on here every chance I get, I don’t feel the need to try making a regular schedule, because that idea just doesn’t feel like me, if you didn’t know I’m very disorganized in some aspects.

So, to our subject today. Which I haven’t even thought of, so maybe we can continue the thoughts of being ourselves then. I think, that all people my age have the same problem as me, and I do believe in God, so if any of you readers don’t I think maybe if you could bear with me for this post, but anyway, staying on track for once, I was talking about people our age.  I think that we all have a problem with listening to what people advise us, like, a serious rebellious problem, and actually, it’s not even a problem, it’s more like a ‘streak’ of rebelliousness in the generation. Adults tell us things over and over, and we either think, we will never do that, or want to do it even more. That is just the stigma. I know that for any teenager reading this, they would call me a ‘Know-it-all’ or say that I am putting myself above them ‘acting’ wise, even if they deny it, I know and have experienced this before, and I can understand why.  There is a big difference between being told what’s not good to do by an adult, and whats not good to do by a fellow teenager. It causes arguments, big ones, because we are scared of listening and sticking out as the one that listens, so we outgo ourselves to do the opposite, and we get into trouble, and this is where I think God comes in for me. I get myself into a lot of sticky situations, and I have gotten myself into another one recently, hence my absence. I never get into trouble too deeply before my mum finds out, and yes at first I get into trouble, but later on, I realize and ask myself, how deep would I have gotten myself in by now if she hadn’t found out? and that is when I realize how much God protects me from getting into too much trouble.

It’s hard to live in this modern world, no matter what adults may think, it is much harder than you can know, and we will all say its easy, but really, it’s not. It is so hard to be yourself and stay out of your shell, for a teenage girl, in this day and age, we are warn so much about wandering around alone in the dark, displaying too much of ourselves on the internet, being private, and it really builds up pressure inside you. Not all teenagers are like this, I know, but most of us are. We start thinking because we have been warned about media’s pressure we won’t give into it, but we don’t even know how silent it is. A girl can never be herself in this world, and in a boys world it is also getting worse. A friend of mine went to a boarding school, and because he preferred more ‘feminine’ sports, and subjects, he got bullied, very very badly. This is the stereotypical world we live in, because this generation chooses to learn the hard way, we are growing up in a world that is falling apart, we were born around years that have been filled with war, murder and disruption, take for an example, the increased rate in rape over the past few years, the generation that will be shaped by this will be ours, we are either tortured by our own our whole childhood, r we join those who are learning the hard way. I have picked the hard way every time I choose to do something different, and I know I will keep doing this, because, I, like many others, do not listen well. Yes I learn my lessons earlier, which is my chance to try and show that it’s true what adults try and teach us, but I can not be listened too.  I know if I hadn’t been caught my friends would have taken full credit for being the reason why I had ‘achieved’ this, but as soon as I was caught, they seemed to only blame it on me, refusing to blame the pressure put on me on society either. This isn’t the ideal way to live life, but it’s the only way we know.  I think that both adults and teens are both right and wrong. Adults are wrong in the way they try to teach us these lessons, because we need more than just trying to cram advice in our minds, partly due to the fact that we have to cram our minds with the exams you also make us do, however, they are right in the way that they do want us to do well, and they want us to feel comfortable with ourselves. Teens are wrong in the way they are so stubborn to just listen to what we are told. We are right in the way that when we say we can’t simple just be ourselves for the whole world to see, because there will always be a part of us the world does not want or like, both teens and adults alike, one tries to pull the best of you out, the other pulls the worst, which is which is for you to decide, for both teens and adults do both. It is hard to speak your mind in this world, because someone will always judge you, and judgment hurts, much more than you can understand, for we have so many expectations in life, for example, ‘You can be whatever you wish to be, except maybe now a bin-man because that’s not nice’ or ‘ Do what you want, just do not talk to so-and-so’ this is the world today, always terms and conditions, because that is what our lives have become, anyway, back on track. Basically, because I think I have gone way, way longer than I thought I would, I will conclude all of this, very changeable subject, just by saying, even though you might find it hard to be yourself for other people, even if you do try to be yourself and it doesn’t work with other people, then they don’t deserve the real you, but before you start thinking I’m telling you to hide yourself, keep it there, don’t forget who you are inside, because that is when you truly lose yourself to the commercial world, if you let your true self be lost, then you have let media achieve it’s goal, to change people. So these are the words I will leave you with today. Have a great day, and i hope this isn’t too serious for a Monday morning. And because I am very very happy to say that I think I have almost reached 1500 words, so goodbye for now and have a very good night/Monday



Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in ages, but I really couldn’t think of anything to write about. But eventually I thought I’d write about friends, not the TV show, but friends that we have in every day life.
So, anyway, I think that maybe sometimes we forget to appreciate our own friends, and I know that cause I do forget to appreciate them quite a lot. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe everyone does this too. The point is that, if you see someone, like that one person in class that doesn’t have friends, and you realise that could have been them, it makes you feel bad for every time you haven’t said thanks for being a great friend.
There are many things that I notice about my own friends that others might not. Sometimes you see how much they’ve been there for you, or how little you’ve been there for them, and this is what I think real friends are. Forget everyone who’s just nice to you. It’s the ones that say what they know is true about you, and they are the real friends. They are always there in time of need and never ask for something back. They never ask for anything but to be your friend and that is what is what a true friend is. So maybe we should start being the true friend back.

What would you change?

Hey Guys, so, its 2014! and what a great year it should be. My subject today is, what would you change it you had the choice to change anything. At first I thought I would change world hunger or stop wars, but then, if you think long enough you realize that we can only make one small change at a time. Alone, not many of us can make a long lasting impact, such as the legacy left by Nelson Mandela. And even he did not get through it alone, with the help of Winnie Mandela, and other political and campaigning colleagues he changed the world. So after a while of thinking about this question, I thought that I would change something that is closer to my heart first, because that is what is important for us humans, we need to have something close to our hearts to care about, otherwise we become cold and unloving. So, think again what would you change. I thought, the first thing I would change is to rebuild the slums and orphanages in Nairobi and other cities around Kenya, because that is something that matters to me. 

Each person should have a wish to change something, no matter how big or small, change is change, it does not have a size. Hero’s in our eyes are the ones that are famous, but we forget about the small things people do in the world, maybe in their village, town, county. These people are the building blocks of our communities, and they deserve appreciation. Foster Carers, Adoptive parents, community volunteers, how many times can you count have you heard anyone raise appreciation for them in public? Charities are build on the generosity and genuine kindness of the people, and in reality, the people are the ones with the power to make the biggest change. The people are the ones that matter, always.

So think about the question for a while, and ask yourself, if you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

Fear of Death

If there is one thing that I could say I thoroughly fear, it is death. Or something in relation to death. What most people fear is to die early, and some fear a painful and long death. Death is something that I myself have learnt to accept, and learnt to accept that no matter when it comes, nothing can change what I have done before it, or even what will come after. My biggest fear, is that I will die, but not have made a sufficient change in the world.
Many aspire to change the world, but few truly try to do so. Those who do try, May or may not have the fear of siting without achieving their goal. Keeping this in mind, I have found that, no matter how hard a person may try to change the world, it will not change unless we change ourselves. Now this, is what I fear most. Of all the things we fear in our lives, whether it be that you survive the next year, or that you will get better grades. The one thing I fear, is that death will take me before I change myself as to change the world. This fear, is something which is almost impossible to be rid of, because, death is something to be accepted, it is something that has cause so much sadness, but still, for every death, there is birth. So don’t fear death, cause it us the same natural occur nice as birth. Embrace it when the time comes.

Game of love: a few lessons in life

The Game of love

Her cuts, with those scars,

Trembling on her pale arms.

Pale from self starvation…

But what choice could a girl have but to do such a thing?

Cause all she can do is cry and scream,

With nobody in this lonely void to hear her cries…

The tears drop down from those eyes that once held so much…

So much wonder for the world, until the first one came.

He came, and gave her much

, and taught her more than her innocent mind could have thought before

, But of all he gave her, love.

Was one he could not give…

For his cold heart was nothing but stone,

 And he watched her bleed,

 Turned from something of happiness,

 Into something near death…

From then she cried,

He left , but still she cried,

The blood had stopped,

But the scars stood firm.

Starvation stopped,

But her cries were still valid…

With no tears in her eyes,

 she forgot the pain love once gave,

But always, the scars would remind her,

That love is barely ever true,

But is more a one sided affair.

The scars would remind her,

That In each person, there is betrayal..

That real love is something she couldn’t have,

 all those she loved never loved back….

Her perspective had changed,

 A few months later,

When the blood had stopped and the starvation over.

 The next came along,

He, with all his enchantments,

So difficult to approach,

 But so easy to like..

 Yes, love no longer,

Just.. Like….

She watched him pass,

not saying a word,

Know how much it had cost her once before… A

and another came, his enchantment lasted,

But not for long,

 As the second still haunted her,

Haunted her dreams with things,

That she knew would not be possible…

But the third, left Not a trace to return…

The second stayed..

Yet, not a word would she speak..

Whether it had been,

In fear of denial,

 Or in hope of true love,

 Still not a word she would speak..

 Cause her scars were there to remind her..

 That love is a game,

 And this is how you play it.

hey guys, I wrote this poem about three lessons we learn sometime in life. so here they are:

The first represented all the tests and first time’s we have throughout life.

The second represented patience, and how good things come to those who wait, but some things you want enough to wait for we will never have because it is not good for us.

The third represented how, good things come in bad times, but everything has an end, even the good in most. 

All together, these three people as they are spoken as in the poem, represent the three biggest lessons everyone will have to learn sometimes during their lifetime. I hope this post may have been of some use to you. Many thanks, more soon. 

All I want for Christmas….

Hey guys,
Merry Christmas!! So, today’s post is all I want for Christmas. So, all I want for Christmas is actually, a fun fun times with family and friends! How about you all? What do you all want this Christmas.

I don’t know if you noticed, but the way I wrote that paragraph above, the one phrase it repeated was ‘I want’.
I want…. Think about it, all of us say that phrase some time at Christmas, and, is it really that healthy? To be wanting all the time?
I believe Christmas is more about giving. And it’s true. But in western countries, we tend to indulge ourselves with gifts and sweets every Christmas. And true some don’t do it as much as others. But be truthful, how many times do you remember the ones that don’t have a real Christmas? I know for myself, I do remember, but we are human, sometimes we forget. So this is the thing, we mustn’t forget the people thousands of miles away from us who don’t have as much food and water, let alone Christmas gifts.
I want you to try, not just this year, but every year, to remember not to over indulge yourself, try to cut down on unnecessary gifts, decorations, etc. but it doesn’t mean you have to stop completely. You can put up decorations, and give out gifts, just don’t overdo it. Because really, Christmas is about family. Family is something most have, few truly appreciate. So, enjoy this Christmas, but don’t forget, and spend time with family. Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year!



Hi everyone! I don’t know how many of you are Sherlock fans, but season three is coming, and Sherlock lives! So there are three new episodes coming, and a Christmas special on December 25th. And the three other episodes are on the 1st, 5th, 12th. So hopefully I will watch all the episodes and nothing totally bad will happen, compared to what happened in season two, of which the ending made me cry, so much sadness after Sherlocks death, but soon we shall see how he survived. Hope every fellow sherlockian will enjoy it.


Hey Guys, i postponed my post from this last weekend so i could do a double treat weeked, bacause, today it the 1 year anniversary of my blog! I am really happy that I have got to this point in my blogging life, and hope it will keep going on strong for a long time. Anyway, I will post again sometime this weeked, but today is a special one just for you all.

This post took inspiration from the song by My Chemical Romance called I don’t love you which is linked on the text. Anyway. It related to my blog in many ways, and in fact I am listening to it right now while writing. The words from this song touches on things about The Blog in many ways. The way it says I don’t love you like i did yesterday. Which describes my the progression of my style of writing. I look back on old posts, and see how much it has changed. I feel like it has matured in some way, but I hope I will always stay to this blog. Another way it reflects my blog is in the fact that it says ‘some never think I’ll try to make you stay’ which makes me think of how, sometimes in my mind, i doubted myself, and if I would still be writing in a year, but here I am, with many more follewers and views than I’d ever imagined! But anyway, thanks for all your flows and views, and I wouldn’t be here without you. Another post over the weekend, but for now, bye bye :)

Fun, Christmas fun!!

So, it’s coming round to Christmas time, and we all know what that means. The endless trouble of buying presents and the horrific trouble you have to go through wrapping and cooking biscuits and cakes, and all the commercial stuff we all have to go through. Every. Single. Year. And it goes on and on and on until it gets to the hateful moment of wishing it was over, then we realize it’s all coming to an end. And every year we promise ourselves that we will enjoy it more (or at least I do) next time round, but then the cycle goes on and on, and we end up buying less presents every year. But, hey, it’s Christmas, there’s snow to enjoy (unless you have the misfortune to live in North east England, where it’s either raining or freezing) and in perfect honesty, as much as everyone despises the cold, who can hate the beauty of those downtime moments when you sit with a hot chocolate looking out of the window, book in hand, watching the snow (rain if you live in the north east).
Enjoy your Christmas, cause it’s exactly a month away, right now.


Hey guys! A bit late I know, but I had quite a bit of homework this weekend, though I thought I’ll write you something while we drive up north to Scotland. I have quite a spontaneous family. So anyway, opposite. At first I couldn’t think of anything, but then I remembered the famous symbol of Yin and Yang. This is one of my favourite symbols of peace and harmony, it is in perfect balance.
So, Yin and Yang, black and white, sun and moon, happy and sad. Opposites. Something I love about opposites, is that, no matter what, they are always balanced. For instance, going back to my fist example, Yin and Yang. The good balances bad. The good and bad work in harmony, creating life. The night and day, sun and rain, black and white. The simplicity of how much they are balanced in this world is like a work of art. Opposites, there are so many, yet even of we only notice one of the two, the good or bad will always have an opposite, meaning, no matter how much