Hey guys. 

So, today I was disappointed. Not with another person, but with myself, because I was not up to someone’s standard. I realised on the way home, that I would be dissapointed, and that would be normal, but if I want to be of that persons standard, I have to push myself to it. Not sit and mope about not being good enough. 

So, yes, I am dissapointed, everyone feels like that sometimes right? But that doesn’t mean anyone, including me, has an excuse not to try again, and again, and again, until you get to where you want to be. Just because someone else gets the better of you, it doesn’t mean that you give up. Giving up brings you further away from winning, not closer. 

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails, everyone gets dissapointed at some point, but that doesn’t mean that we give up. Winners never gave up when they failed or lost, that’s why they’re winners. So maybe I did have a bad day, maybe it was horrible. Maybe I am dissapointed in myself, but I can learn from that, and push myself to the standard I am aiming for. 

Have a good day, and keep trying! 

Book Review: Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf(Jodi Picoult)

Rating: ****+

This book was utterly amazing. The parts I loved most was the perspective of Luke Warren, and when we saw how the wolves behaved in their community and packs. The way she made it such a surprising turn of events at the end wasastonishing yet brilliant! This would class as one of my highly recommended.

Have a nice day and enjoy!

Coffee and Bookshops

Hey everyone!

The are two things (out of many) I really love in this world are Bookshops and coffee. I don’t know if it’s even possible to describe how much I love these two things. Together, they’re a sanctuary. Everyone has their own place to get away, some have more than one. Mines consist of coffee and a good book in a cosy bookshop or a basketball court. 

Keeping in mind the idea of a sanctuary, I wondered where other people find their own sanctuary. The world is more crowded now than it ever has been, and yes, being surrounded by people is good, but sometimes it’s good to have that space that you can go and feel calm, and clear your head. It’s like a rejuvenation. With all the pressure that the modern world brings, it seems that with everyone rushing to get here and there trying to be perfect we all forget we are just human. 

The sinple pleasures a good cup of coffee (or tea!) and a captivating book in a cosy setting makes you realise that. When you read a book, you can delve into it, become a spectator, it feels like a different world. Then you return to the real world, and for a second, you feel no need to be perfect. This has been my experience in past occasions. You feel human. 

I believe that books are more than a source of entertainment or inspiration. They are so much more than that. They make you feel human. Characters have flaws, and when you read, and relate to a character you feel perfectly human. 

So enjoy the pleasures of a cup of coffee and a wonderful bookshop, and remember, we are all just human. 

Book Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit (J.R.R.Tolkien)

Rating: ***+

This has proven itself a classic and it is one of the best fantasy-fiction books I’ve read. I love the morals the book has, including loyalty, faith and perseverance. It is definitely a thrilling adventure and the writing style is also wonderful. The Hobbit definitely keeps you on your toes.

Have a good day and enjoy!

Book Review: Between The Lines

Between The Lines ( Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer)

Rating: ****

This was one of the books that I really enjoyed reading because of its thrilling sense of adventure. It was a huge page-turner and definitely had some wonderful messages within the book. I loved the use of a fairytale setting within the modern setting of the book and the characters were well made. The writing style was delightful on top of everything else! I highly reccomend this one for anyone who wants a break from their usual genre, as it doesn’t fit into just one category. It’s a book that can be read over and over. 

Enjoy and have a nice day! 

I’m Back

Hi everyone,

I’ve returned, and hopefully for regular posts this time because I know I struggle with committing to things. I am going to keep this blog as a personal blog that I will post stuff that I usually would but I have been given the idea of writing book reviews. I am unsure whether I should but I will try to. 

There is a reason that I’m back, as always. Today I met someone new, a writer in fact. I’m not sure what it was, but I bought her book in this old bookshop and she came downstairs to sign it for me. I was excited, being myself, but when she asked if I wrote, something clicked. I’ve been so busy this past year keeping up with different things and I realised that I had completely forgotten about this blog and what it means to me. 

I have started reading her book and so far it is amazing, worthy of a book review for sure. The way it is written connects to me. Perhaps because I’ve met her or because I know it’s a true story, either way, I feel connected to this book. 

I was reading it in the car on the way home and my mind was working like clockwork thinking of why it connected to me. Then I realised that it was because she was brave enough to take a new path in life. This isn’t exactly what connected me. I feel connected to this book because it was published. It has an impact on people. The setting of the story is literally in a book town, and that is what made a connection. Here is this writer and film maker that has the power to make a change in the world. Just like every writer, producer, film director in the world. And she is making a difference. She is telling her story. 

These thoughts got me thinking that if all writers have the power to make a difference then why aren’t I doing the same. I’m always trying to think of a way to leave my own mark on the world, something to prove I can make a difference, and all along the answer was right in front of me, it just took an author in a small book town and a spontaneous day trip to make me realise that. 

So I am going to try to keep this site updated with new stuff on a regular basis, once a fortnight would be the most likely timing. 

Thanks for reading!

I Am A Woman

A poem I wrote for a women’s event in my area:

I am a woman, in shape, mind and nature. I don’t need to be smart, pretty or powerful because I am strong. Strong in ways only a woman can be. 

They say ‘She’s a girl, she’s weak’ but they can’t push me down forever. I get back up, dust off and keep going. I am unbreakable…

I am a woman, strong and caring. I am compassionate and focused. Focused and compassionate. I have a mind stronger than than the strongest of men. There is no physical boundary for my love, for I am lovable…

What?! You can say you can’t hear me, just wait, you will. Because I am every Miss, Ms and Mrs, here to tell you that I AM .Try to shape me, I shape myself. Try to drag me down, I climb back up. My success is determined by my will, no one else’s. So do you hear me now? 

I am a woman, always striving. I keep going ‘cos I don’t have to see the light to know it’s there. I strive to be all I can BE. A scientist, an artist, a lawyer, a doctor, a mother, a wife and a daughter. I will not be broken and I will not stop. If I want to get there, I will! I am determined. I am a woman

I am a woman, a multi faceted woman, funny, clever, loving, strong and so much more. I can write, speak, sing, whisper, shout and tell you this: I am me.

Try to shape me, I shape myself. Try to drag me down, I climb back up. My success is determined by my will, no one else’s. You hear me now, don’t you?

I am a woman, and I can long. I long for the mind of Marie Curie, the literary genius of Jane Austen, the skill of Serena Williams, the voice of Maya Angelou, the courage of Malala, the determination of Wangari Maathai. I long for all these things, but most of all, I long to be myself, and when I am encouraged to be fully myself… I AM A WOMAN 


Hey guys! A bit late I know, but I had quite a bit of homework this weekend, though I thought I’ll write you something while we drive up north to Scotland. I have quite a spontaneous family. So anyway, opposite. At first I couldn’t think of anything, but then I remembered the famous symbol of Yin and Yang. This is one of my favourite symbols of peace and harmony, it is in perfect balance.
So, Yin and Yang, black and white, sun and moon, happy and sad. Opposites. Something I love about opposites, is that, no matter what, they are always balanced. For instance, going back to my fist example, Yin and Yang. The good balances bad. The good and bad work in harmony, creating life. The night and day, sun and rain, black and white. The simplicity of how much they are balanced in this world is like a work of art. Opposites, there are so many, yet even of we only notice one of the two, the good or bad will always have an opposite, meaning, no matter how much

Out of Touch

Hi guys, I’m back again, and trying to keep to my new regularish schedule… So, after a very quick brainstorm. I decided to listen to Lego House by Ed Sheeran, which was my inspiration for this post. And hopefully, I will have more detailed stuff to write about soon, but moving quickly on. My topic for this post. Are we really out of touch?
Some people say they’re out of touch with their inner selves, but what exactly the definition of out of touch? Some would say, out of touch is the opposite of in touch, we are not keeping updated with something you are not in daily contact with. While others recognise out of touch as not being completely in sync with your inner self and the surrounding world. But I will ask you this, what do you think? It’s a quick post, but what really is the meaning of this so often said sentence? What is the reason for such a phrase? So many questions, but today, I want to know your answers :) have a great weekend, another post next week!




Hi guys,
I haven’t written anything in a while, I haven’t found enough true inspiration to write anything, but I guess I found a mutually interesting subject now…
So autumn is here, the red leaves harvest, fields full of hay, rain and beginning of school… Autumn is my favourite time of year. There are so many different things to paint and draw, and it’s a real chance to get into the swing of things, work restarts, school, college. Autumn is like, the nearing of an end, but it’s just not quite there yet. It’s like a bird that’s ready to fly, but it hasn’t got the courage to actually spread it’s wings out fully and take the plunge. That is what I like about autumn. For me it is about courage. To get over your fear of something, and do it anyway. There is an aura of courage. Almost an adrenaline to do so much more. To try harder, and to succeed.
What do you spend your autumn doing? Watching the time pass you by. Laying and drawing the leaves as they fall gently of each tree. Autumn is a time of year to relax, think and be courageous. These three words are near opposites. I call them my autumn triangle. First, relaxing. Autumn, it’s the time after summer and before Christmas, two of the most important events of our year. Two of the most hectic ones too. So it’s best to spend time relaxing and calming your mind before another hectic season. Thinking, is something I do all the time, as do most, but during this time of year, I begin to review almost what I’ve done for the past year. It’s I time to think of yourself, reflect on the good and bad, and prepare for anything, it’s the calm time of year that can help you sort out loose ends, unfinished works, etc. lastly, courage. With autumn I think comes courage. For me, I prefer to change one thing about myself every autumn that I know is a fault, and yes I still have many, but once a year, a little change, even making your handwriting neater is a good. Bit by bit, you become a better person. And having the courage to change yourself slowly, instead of trying to change all at once is something that makes autumn is special to me. Last year, I began this blog during autumn. That was my change for the year. This year, my writing, and I hope in the future, this will impact my self, and let me progress as a person. This is why I love autumn. And all it’s beauty. Thanks for reading