Hey guys! A bit late I know, but I had quite a bit of homework this weekend, though I thought I’ll write you something while we drive up north to Scotland. I have quite a spontaneous family. So anyway, opposite. At first I couldn’t think of anything, but then I remembered the famous symbol of Yin and Yang. This is one of my favourite symbols of peace and harmony, it is in perfect balance.
So, Yin and Yang, black and white, sun and moon, happy and sad. Opposites. Something I love about opposites, is that, no matter what, they are always balanced. For instance, going back to my fist example, Yin and Yang. The good balances bad. The good and bad work in harmony, creating life. The night and day, sun and rain, black and white. The simplicity of how much they are balanced in this world is like a work of art. Opposites, there are so many, yet even of we only notice one of the two, the good or bad will always have an opposite, meaning, no matter how much

Out of Touch

Hi guys, I’m back again, and trying to keep to my new regularish schedule… So, after a very quick brainstorm. I decided to listen to Lego House by Ed Sheeran, which was my inspiration for this post. And hopefully, I will have more detailed stuff to write about soon, but moving quickly on. My topic for this post. Are we really out of touch?
Some people say they’re out of touch with their inner selves, but what exactly the definition of out of touch? Some would say, out of touch is the opposite of in touch, we are not keeping updated with something you are not in daily contact with. While others recognise out of touch as not being completely in sync with your inner self and the surrounding world. But I will ask you this, what do you think? It’s a quick post, but what really is the meaning of this so often said sentence? What is the reason for such a phrase? So many questions, but today, I want to know your answers :) have a great weekend, another post next week!




Hi guys,
I haven’t written anything in a while, I haven’t found enough true inspiration to write anything, but I guess I found a mutually interesting subject now…
So autumn is here, the red leaves harvest, fields full of hay, rain and beginning of school… Autumn is my favourite time of year. There are so many different things to paint and draw, and it’s a real chance to get into the swing of things, work restarts, school, college. Autumn is like, the nearing of an end, but it’s just not quite there yet. It’s like a bird that’s ready to fly, but it hasn’t got the courage to actually spread it’s wings out fully and take the plunge. That is what I like about autumn. For me it is about courage. To get over your fear of something, and do it anyway. There is an aura of courage. Almost an adrenaline to do so much more. To try harder, and to succeed.
What do you spend your autumn doing? Watching the time pass you by. Laying and drawing the leaves as they fall gently of each tree. Autumn is a time of year to relax, think and be courageous. These three words are near opposites. I call them my autumn triangle. First, relaxing. Autumn, it’s the time after summer and before Christmas, two of the most important events of our year. Two of the most hectic ones too. So it’s best to spend time relaxing and calming your mind before another hectic season. Thinking, is something I do all the time, as do most, but during this time of year, I begin to review almost what I’ve done for the past year. It’s I time to think of yourself, reflect on the good and bad, and prepare for anything, it’s the calm time of year that can help you sort out loose ends, unfinished works, etc. lastly, courage. With autumn I think comes courage. For me, I prefer to change one thing about myself every autumn that I know is a fault, and yes I still have many, but once a year, a little change, even making your handwriting neater is a good. Bit by bit, you become a better person. And having the courage to change yourself slowly, instead of trying to change all at once is something that makes autumn is special to me. Last year, I began this blog during autumn. That was my change for the year. This year, my writing, and I hope in the future, this will impact my self, and let me progress as a person. This is why I love autumn. And all it’s beauty. Thanks for reading


River of Life

Hi, this is a poem I wrote in English, hope you like it :)

As she lay herself to float along this life
A stream from which she first began
And from then she had to fight…

So strong and rough it was to her
Those rapids that took her through so much.
‘Til to the calm she came
Then silence…
Drip.. Drip… Drip…

As she felt the stream gain it’s speed,
And heard the storm from miles away.
The storm she thought would come and go,
And still she’d lay afloat…

So strong she was but yet inside,
The broken bones and bruises held.
“No harm can water do” they’d say.
Until the stream joined to the river.
Then she fell..
Falling, falling…

With the weight of her world,
Cascading down on those slender shoulders.
“Now Stop!” She said, with no fear left inside.
Then once again her world was black…

She woke, so calm and no weight at all,
And floating down in the stillness and peace,
Waiting, waiting for the storm or the fall,
Yet nothing….

She thought to herself, “I’ve lived my life”
And as the salt stung her eyes,
She sighed at last to sleep,
Forever in inner peace…

Hope you liked it more soon


Hey guys. So I’m not so well this week, but I decided to post something as this is my 50th post since I started this blog. So, seeing as I’m ill, this will be relatively short, but as soon as possible i will post a nice post for you. In the past months that I have been writing, I wanted to thank you because over the time, I have become more confident due to your support, and I really appreciate it. But I know, let’s get straight to the point, it’s my 50th post!! So, I hope you all are starting to get ready for winter, bonfire night, Halloween, Christmas and New Years. It is nearly coming up to the 1 year anniversary of my blog. So, now that we are all updated, I would like to say to any kid my age. No matter what, keep going, because you never know what’s around the next corner. It may be something that will make it all worth your while. And also, everyone has a gift, I may or may not have found mine, but I know for fact that we all have our own gift, so, don’t give up until you find it. Thank you all, I will post soon :)

The Great Flood

Hi guys, I was in a Latin lesson the other day, and the teacher was talking about myths. And she told us that one myth or legend that is spread across so many different cultures is the myth of Noah and the great flood. There are so many different versions of this. One of them is of course of Noah and the ark, another is of Greek origin, with Isthmus and Peloponnese, a flood sent by Zeus. From Roman mythology, the flood was caused by Jupiter and Neptune, and Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha came to seek refuge, and were given pity. Next is in Scandinavian history, Oden, Vili and Ve fought and slew the ice giant Ymir, and his blood became the water of the oceans, one family of giants survived. These are but a few of the many myths that include the Great flood. Which as they say, in legends and myths, there is a ring of truth. But anyway, that isn’t my point. My point is, that, there is one this we now know for sure. There was a great flood, if there was no land left, we do not know, but we do know there was a ship. A ship was found in the middle of the desert somewhere, miles away from any sea or river, and to add to this, the ship was very old. So, to me it all adds up, the multiple myths written in so many different cultures, the ship, and the religious aspects. This shows another thing though. This story of the great flood is an example of how us humans have such a connected history. Whichever civilization claims credit for restarting civilization, it does not matter, because we know that our history is connected. And this is what makes us humans us. We are connected, so whenever someone thinks they are better than another person, you can always laugh at the fact that they are equal to us in every way. And even if you have a condition, it never ever makes a person less human than anyone else. 


Thanks for reading guys and thank you so much for reading alongside me, especially those of you that have been reading my posts from my early days. It has kept me going all this time. Thank you all though for following, I hope you enjoy! :)  

A Question

Hi Again, sorry, I haven’t had time to check my word-press a lot lately, but I’m back

So, I found a nice poem to post for you, and I will post something or the other, related to it this weekend, maybe even later today, so here it is!

A Question

to Fausta

By Matthew Arnold

Joy comes and goes, hope ebbs and flows

Like the wave;

Change doth un-knit the tranquil strength of men

Love lends life a little grace,

A few sad smiles; and then,

Both are laid in one cold place,

In the grave.

Dreams dawn and fly, friends smile and die

Like spring flowers;

Our vaunted life is one long funeral.

Man dig graves with bitter tears

For their dead hopes; and all,

Mazed with doubts and sick with fears,

Count the hours.

We count the hours! These dreams of ours,

False and hollow,

Do we go hence and find they are not dead?

Joys we dimly apprehend,

Faces that smiled and fled,

Hopes born here, and born to end,

Shall we follow?

Ok, so this is the poem, and as I am short on time at the moment , I will write a separate post to connect to what I perceive as the meaning of this poem. Although I hope you do like this poem, I am going to join a poetry slam in school, so I will post quite a few, and we will see which one is best. Enjoy your day!

All’s Fair in Love and War. Or is it?

OK, so, maybe this topic is related to the current world situation, Syria. But it isn’t only about Syria, this is about all wars. I mean, who came up with this? OK, that isn’t a very valid question, because war has been part of human history for as far back as we know, it’s hard to know when exactly the first war was. But, as we kids are sitting in the classroom listening to our teachers about the importance of WW2, and why it happened, and we are in our own world tapping our pencil or looking out of the window, wondering, why do they bother. Because. What is the point in learning about our past, especially war? The point is, that. Whoever came up with the saying all’s fair in love and war, well…. They were not thinking well. War. take a minute and think about that word. What comes to mind. WW2, WW1, Afghanistan, Trafalgar, The American Civil War? Or even your year 9 history class? All these events, are key parts of what makes us humans us. It was never fair for any of the people involved in these wars. Mothers lost sons, husbands, fathers. Men lost arms, legs lives. And for what? For a man or woman who has power. The power to use their own people to fight their battles. Ones that cost so much blood. So much pain. For land or money, or even for revenge. But some of those wars were needed. They were fought by choice. They were caused by injustice, and dictatorship, that, to be honest has never done any good, to anyone. The wars that were worth fighting, were fought for a humans basic rights, for the people to own the land, together. And for me, those are the ones that it is worth the blood and pain. Because they stabilize our future, they are parts of our identity. Take as an example, the French revolution. They had to fight that civil war twice to gain their rights, and progress in the modern world. After these, Russia, Italy, Germany. All thew their dictators of, and began again. They stabilized a better future for their children. And they knew, that even if another dictator came into power, they would have the strength to vote them out again. But wars, such as Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan. They were all caused by someone who had the thirst for power, and greed for land, and gold. They killed so many, for materialistic things, and some in the name of God. These wars, are ones that, one or two is acceptable to a degree. Though, it has gone too far. Has this world not seen enough bloodshed, suffering and death? How can we look forward to our future, when what we will be doing is raising our children, trying to hide their eyes from the blood spilt around them? One of the reasons I do not want to have children when I am old enough, is because I’m scared that if I raised them, in a world like it is today, where the news is full of death and greed, where we have to hide in our homes in case someone comes to steal our things, where we have to keep an eye on our children so they don’t mix with bad people. I can not and will not raise a child in a world like this. Because that is what our world is coming to. And I may be only 14. But I’ve seen on TV the pain that normal people like me and you go through. I’ve seen what it looks like when someone dies and we get the blame. People say, its just stupid kids, they haven’t been raised right. But isn’t it ironic that they are the ones who raised us, and taught us all we know. The first five years of a child’s life are vitally important. They are the first things a child believes about life. And if all they see is their mother and father fighting, and watch war on TV, and see what we see. Then I think we might as well not bring up a new generation. Because what is the point of war? What’s the point?

Whoever said, All’s Fair in Love and War, well they were wrong. Cause nothing is fair in war. And where there is war, love cannot exist in peace. So please share this post, and make it known within your friends, so we can show, we want to raise the next generation in peace. Thank You.

Why Writing?

So, recently, I’ve had people question me, why I like to write. I couldn’t find the answer properly for myself. Until today while I was eating lunch (yup, so cheesy right?) I realized why I do like to write so much.

Everyone has a way of expressing themselves to the world, some people act, some people write poetry, some sing, and some lecture. Every one of us have a way of speaking out for ourselves. Me? I can’t do any of those. I couldn’t stand up in front of even thirty people on a stage and speak about world peace. I couldn’t sing in front of anyone about doing what’s right. And I can’t perform in front of anyone on my own. But what I can do, is write. I can write about what I believe in. Knowing that I’m confident in what I’m doing, and that I’m not shy to say what I feel. When I see notifications of new followers, or people liking my posts, it makes it even more worth it. Because, I know, someone is listening. Someone cares about what I have to say, and they won’t laugh about it. They would understand my point. Everyone needs their way to be heard, to get their point across to the world. Writing is my way of doing this. Words are my voice. Every letter I type and question I ask, every subject I choose, and every post I write. They all make up my voice. And that, is why I write. It’s my voice.

What’s yours?

Shoes: Do we need them?

I was thinking about some supposedly very important things in life for any girls. Shoes. Now, the “shoe dilemma” as I call it is, that when you get new shoes whenever you want them, and the same with clothes. And for an average teenage girl, we have a lot of shoes. Now for me, when I buy new shoes, it is normally because I need them, and it is the same situation for the minority of girls. What happens is, my mum buys me shoes, I wear them, cause I like them, they’re “practical” as we say, they can go with anything. And I’ll tell you a story that occurs with all my favourite shoes. We buy
them, I wear them to ride my bike, to go everywhere except for school and other places. But eventually after 6/10 months, they completely tear apart. The worst it gets to is the whole of the sole of the shoe starts coming of. Now if you ask me, that is a good use of the money spent. When you see a pair of shoes you like, you gotta think, is it practical for me to have these? Can I wear them to their fullest? Is it worth the money to buy this designer pair, when an only slightly plainer pair will last just as long. There are those times when you gotta buy new shoes for a special occasion, but even then, you’ve got to buy a nice pair you will wear more than once or twice. In his millennia, the value of money in some places as been seriously underrated. And, this is something I think most girls should read, because, how many times will you get to wear those Prada heels? Just think, truthfully, how many times. And even for any pairs of heels, how many pairs of them do you need, and how high do they have to be? I as a person prefer flat sole shoes, with no heels, because, what would do better for your feet? And our feet need that thought and time, it is worth your while to keep the money you would normally spend on shoes you don’t really need so you can save it for something worth it. So I hope I somehow managed to keep your interest thought his, I babbled on a bit but hopefully it will be ok, :)